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Our signature IPA.

A crisp and simple malt bill, tropical hops and forward flavour.

We wanted to make a beer that tastes like finishing work on Friday, so we did.

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Z is for - Zero Percent

I sure hope that they are covering Zymurgy, which we all know is  The branch of chemistry that deals with fermentation processes. 

y - is for yeast

While a lot of the credit is often attributed to the hop variety, the spectrum of flavours and scents that the yeast is responsible for is truly mind-boggling. 

x - is for xollaboration

An x in the wonderful world of brewing, as it does in many forms of art or business, signifies a collaborative effort between two or more people, artists or businesses.

w - is for Water

It takes around ten pints of water to make a pint of beer and, because beer is a stonking 90-95% water, the water that you use is going to affect the taste, big time.

Comedy in a brewery.

Curated Comedy and craft beer. Yes, we’ve heard that one about organising things in breweries before. (Events page back soon)

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