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Friendship Adventure's signature beer.  A crisp, modern lager. The perfect pint to plot over.

(Originally we brewed this with traditional Saaz hops but our German brewer Burchard refused to brew it unless he could use Perle hops and we were too polite to say no. Anyways he was totally right and proves you should always be friends with people who know better than you).



Our session IPA is light with a citrus finish. We wanted to brew a beer that felt like finishing work on a Friday. It marries a simple, crisp malt bill with super tropical hops to make it the perfect beer with which  friendships are augmented.

(Burchard made no changes to our recipe on this beer which made us feel like absolute bosses.)



Take a look at this shiny map to see where you can currently enjoy one of our delicious beers… And don’t forget to be loudly effusive about it is so that other patrons hear about us!

Watch this space for more places to pick up our beer soon!


JumaBottle (copyright James Garford).JPG


Top friend and fantastic Iraqi chef Philip Juma asked us to create a couple of bespoke beers for his Hoxton BBQ pop-up in Aug '17. The weather didn't deliver but the food did. Beer wasn't bad either.

S&S beers (credit_ Remi Williams).jpg

Smoke & Salt

Gastranomic wunderkinds Aaron and Remi produce seasonal dishes which make food critics go weak at the knees.  As well as our session IPA, We designed a festive special Christmas Ale for them.



Regular customers at the achingly-cool Manifesto barbers in Farringdon can now enjoy a chilled pale ale whilst good friend and grooming wizard Mikey, and his pals, attend to their hair.



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About us


Friendship Adventure is both a brewery and a real life friendship adventure for Neil, Jez, Toby, Ed and Dan.

We brew refreshing, sessionable beer. The type of beer to scheme over with friends. We decided to open a brewery, but whatever you dream up - we’ve got your back.

At Friendship Adventure we believe in creativity, inclusivity and having fun. And we love to collaborate with anyone who feels the same.

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